12x18x1 Washable Permanent Electrostatic Furnace AC Filter

12x18x1 Washable Permanent Electrostatic Furnace AC Filter
Item# WPE121801
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> Rust-Proof Frame
> Lifetime Warranty
> Permanent & Washable
> 10 times more filtration than a disposable fiberglass filter
> High Dust Arrestance - 94.7%
> Low Air Resistance - 0.12 inch W.G.
> EPA Approved Anti-Microbial Coating
> Actual thickness of Filter Frame = 7/8 inch
> $48.95 = 1/2 OFF the retail $99.99 price
> We have 100,000's of happy customers using this air filter

This filter comes in 2 size variations: 12x18x1 or 11-1/2 x 17-1/2 x 1 inches (please choose size from drop-down menu above)

The ELECTRA-SILVER is our most popular permanent furnace filter. We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers using the Electra-Silver to clean their home's air.

These same filters are usually only available through HVAC contractors. They generally charge their customers $100-$150 for these same filters. Our buying power and low overhead allow us to offer these furnace filters for 1/2 price.

Drop in replacement for your throw-away disposable furnace (also called a/c) filter. No electricity required. The Electra Silver filter builds a natural static charge as air passes through the special polypro layers.

Excellent for allergy sufferers! Cleans your indoor air of allergens like pollen, dust, mold spores and pet dander.

Washable Furnace Filter

All filters come with Lifetime warranty. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

These filters are permanent and washable. Just hose off, let dry and reinstall.

Air Care filters provide a great balance of HIGH DUST ARRESTANCE and LOW AIR RESISTANCE. There is no industry standard for electrostatic filters. Company's are making filters with cheap imitation media and calling them "Electrostatic". Some permanent filters are too restrictive and can increase your energy bill or even damage your HVAC unit.


94.7% EFFECTIVE (best on the market) - that's 10 times better than a throw-away filter.

EPA APPROVED ANTI-MICROBIAL COATING - to prevent mold and bacteria from growing



THESE FILTERS ARE BUILT TO LAST - just hose it off, air dry, and reinstall.

The Electra Silver 9400 is designed to provide high dust arrestance for your central air system (furnaces and air conditioners). The low 0.12 inch W.G. initial resistance of the Electra Silver will perform best in systems configured with 1 square foot, or more, of filter area for each ton of air conditioning. Two layers of woven monofilament polypropylene with integral anti-microbial material provides 10 times more filtration than a disposable fiberglass filter. The deep loading center layer of non-woven polyester allows the Electra Silver 9400 to prolong the time between washings.


1. All filters are exactly 7/8 inch thick.
2. Our filters are shipped from Las Vegas, Nevada via Fed-Ex Ground. The factory normally has a turn around time of 5-10 business days from payment to shipment.
3. All 3 Air-Care filter styles (Silver, Gold & Flexible) have the same electrostatic media and the same specifications.
4. Filters must be 24-5/8 each or less on one side (ie: we can make a 24x36x1 filter but NOT a 26x36x1 filter.

Air Care Electra-Silver Furnace Filter