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These premium-quality filters are great for homeowners or commercial HVAC units. A great add-on product for air-duct cleaners and HVAC professionals. Enter your order and let us drop-ship to your customers! Adds value to your services and increases revenue.



"...a win-win-win solution"

"We sell filters that can be washed and reused for many years. This saves time and money, helps the environment by producing zero waste and provides better air filtration than disposable filters...
a win-win-win solution."


Save Time and Money

Stop remembering to buy disposable filters every month
Provide great protection for expensive air handlers
Our filters pay for themselves in less than a year

Help the Environment by producing

Wash and reuse our filters over and over for years
Keep non-biodegradable disposable filters out of landfills
Our low resistance filters are easy on your blower motor.

Provide Better Indoor Air Quality

Our filters have electrostatic properties that hold dust like a magnet
10X better filtration that cheap throw-away filters
Clean filters every 45 days with vacuum, compressed air or water.

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